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Peppermint Collection Vegan Makeup Brush Cleansing Set

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Everything in this wonderful box is cruelty tree, made from natural ingredients, 100% Irish made and cleans like a dream. No nasty stuff—just good quality natural ingredients!

  • Designed to gently remove makeup residue, dirt and bacteria from natural and synthetic brushes and sponges.
  • Makes your makeup brushes feel as good as new

What's in the box:

MuMe's Peppermint Vegan Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser 50g
Scented with the refreshing smell of peppermint oil, the Kaolin clay gently deep cleans your makeup brushes and conditions the bristles keeping them soft—suitable for sensitive skin.
How to use: Wet the brush or sponge with warm water and swirl it around in the cleanser until it creates a creamy texture. Continue to swirl the brush in the palm of your hand and rinse.

MuMe's Peppermint Daily Brush Cleansing Spray 100ml
A liquid kind enough for even the most sensitive skin, designed to be used on a daily basis to remove makeup and dirt between deep cleans.
How to use: Shake and spray directly on to the brush bristles and wipe on a clean towel or tissue. Simple!

Also includes MuMe's Pink Microfibre Cloth (40x40cm)
A really soft cloth designed to reduce the drying time of freshly cleaned makeup brushes. Just simply swirl the bristles around on the dry cloth and let it absorb any excess water or cleansing product. It can also be used as a super-handy cloth to take excess makeup off of your brushes so you can use a different colour eyeshadow straight away.

And it's all made in Ireland!